Best Places to Visit in Labuan Bajo

Best Places to Visit in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is located on the Western tip of Flores island. It is the capital city of the West Manggarai Regency. Labuan Bajo is also the main gateway to visiting Komodo National Park. There are many best places to visit, you can join the Labuan Bajo tour packages to explore them.

Labuan Bajo tourism has been developed to be one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia. The central government of Indonesia has set all the things to support tourism. You can now visit the town without any doubt.

There are many varieties of Labuan Bajo tours to book. You can choose to go on private or shared tour arrangements. Tours are typically day tours and overnight tour packages and are a mix between Komodo tours and Flores Island tours.

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Komodo Wisata Offers Labuan Bajo Paket Tour which can be done in a flexible way. It means you can choose which places you want to go to. So you will make your own itinerary for your best day tours and overnights.

If you want to go on a private trip, you can book Labuan Bajo Private Tour. This tour package departs every day from your hotel or Komodo airport. The minimum for a private tour is 2 people and the maximum number of participants is 10 people. You need to make an advance booking if you want to join this tour package.

5 Best Places to Visit in Labuan Bajo

In Labuan Bajo, you can find many beautiful destinations to visit. However, we have selected the 5 recommended places to visit during your holiday. Our Labuan Bajo tour packages will show you the best itinerary to visit these beautiful destinations.

Labuan Bajo Tour Package is one of our most popular tour packages to book. You can choose to book a one-day trip or overnight, both options are great to do. This tour package is also combined with Komodo tours and Flores Island tour packages.

Our Labuan Bajo tourist information is located in the main tourist area. So you can easily find it if you need more information about places to go in Labuan Bajo. Our professional team will provide you with the right information.

Labuan Bajo snorkeling tour is the most recommended tour package to book. You will snorkel in Komodo National Park. Besides that, you will be trekking on Padar island and Komodo adventure on Komodo Island.

Below are the 5 best places to visit in Labuan Bajo:

  1. Goa Rangko Cave. It is the most popular cave located in the north of Labuan Bajo. You will enjoy a boat tour, trekking, and swimming in the natural pool inside the cave. You can take a half-day tour from Labuan Bajo, at least 12.00.
  2. Cunca Rami Waterfall is one of the beautiful waterfalls in Labuan Bajo. Enjoy trekking through the tropical forest and ricefield. Swimming in a natural pool.
  3. Cunca Wulang is a canyon. It is located 1 hour from the main city Labuan Bajo. You can enjoy trekking, swimming, and jumping in the canyon.
  4. Bukit Sylvia is a hill located 10 minutes from Labuan Bajo. This hill is the most beautiful place to have sunset in Labuan Bajo.
  5. Batu Cermin Cave. It is located 10 minutes north of Labuan Bajo. Enjoy walking through the tunnel and taking pictures.

These are all the best places to visit in Labuan Bajo, enjoy your holiday.

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